Goodbye Weebly! Hello WordPress!

I have moved my ePortfolio, my blog, my docs, and the rest from Weebly to WordPress.

I started my Weebly site in 2010, in order to fulfill requirements for SLCC classes; I was required to make an ePortfolio in order to fulfill my general education requirements. I am glad that SLCC made me do this, because it turns out that this ePortfolio has been quite valuable; I was told that the writing samples I posted here earned me my first internship in DC, and that has opened many other doors for me. My ePortfolio has evolved since then, but you can still see remnants on this site (someday I may update them or at least remove them, but not today; I’m tired).

In 2014, I was required by the Honor’s Praxis Lab I was enrolled in required that I keep a blog. I did enjoy keeping that blog, and my game development series was also quite popular. I still would like to blog, but by then I was seeing I am limited severely by Weebly. They just don’t have features that I need, like being able to have multiple RSS feeds so I can have programming posts on R shared on the R-Bloggers network. So, after almost a whole day of work, I transferred my Weebly site to WordPress. Hopefully this will allow me to write more content I hope you all will find entertaining and educational.

I have used Weebly RSS feed Generator web app to move our site from Weebly. They also offer a plugin for that if you’re moving to WordPress. The old Weebly site is still up, but it will no longer be maintained, and the front page will be updated to reflect that.

Since this site is now up and running, I will be reposting my recent article on gambling, so that the R code can get onto R-Bloggers. Just in case you are wondering.

Thanks for reading!

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