My Tutorial Book on Anaconda, NumPy and Pandas Is Out: Hands-On Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas

I announced months ago that one of my video courses, Unpacking NumPy and Pandas, was going to be turned into a book. Today I’m pleased to announce that this book is available!

Book cover

Hands-On Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas is now available for purchase from Packt Publishing’s website and from Amazon. This book was created by a team at Packt Publishing who took my video course and turned it into book form. If you’re like me and love books that you can hold in your hand, touch, thumb through, etc., and you’re looking to learn about basic tools for data analysis with Python, give my book a look.

As with the video course, the book covers how to set up an environment for data analysis with Python and how to use two important tools: NumPy and pandas.

I discuss how to set up Anaconda, a popular data analysis environment, along with how to use Jupyter Notebooks. I show how to connect Python with a MySQL database, along with how to set up such a database.

Then I show how to use NumPy. This includes creating NumPy arrays, indexing arrays, using arrays in arithmetic, NumPy linear algebra, and vectorization. These are essential skills anyone using Python for data analysis should know.

Finally I show how to use pandas. This includes creating a pandas DataFrame, subsetting the data frame, indexing, plotting, and even how to handle missing data. DataFrames are a great way to manage data and I highly recommend their use.

The book consists of numerous tutorials demonstrating these concepts. I think this book would be great for an introductory course on data science for programming novices who just learned Python basics (perhaps from the book I learned from, Allen Downey’s Think Python) and are starting to learn the basics of data analysis. The basics of using NumPy arrays and pandas DataFrames is challenging for beginners, and my book helps get them going.

I list the book’s chapters below:

  1. Setting Up a Python Data Analysis Environment
  2. Diving Into NumPy
  3. Operations on NumPy Arrays
  4. pandas are Fun! What is pandas?
  5. Arithmetic, Function Application, and Mapping with pandas
  6. Managing, Indexing and Plotting

I would like to thank the staff at Packt Publishing for their work on this book, particularly Tushar Gupta and Nikita Shetty. I was so pleased when I received my copies in the mail and I thank them for their hard work to make this possible.

The MSRP for the books is $23.99, but is currently on sale for $10 as part of Packt’s AI Now campaign, so pick it up while it’s cheap! If you’re not interested in buying this particular book, perhaps consider getting a Mapt subscription. You’ll have access to thousands of books and video courses (including all of my content), and can even get one book to keep for free (without DRM) every month! Perhaps that book will be mine! It’s a great deal you should consider.

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