Physical Science

PHYS 1040 — Astronomy

The assignment that I’m including in my ePortfolio to represent this course is a paper that I wrote for the class. This is an opinion paper, in which I had to research a topic, develop an opinion, and present that opinion with evidence. The topic had to be astronomy related. After writing the paper, it was reviewed by one of my peers, then after receiving peer comments, turned in to the instructor. This may have been my favorite assignment for the class. The topic that I chose was fun to research and fun to think and write about. I also like research papers in general (that’s just how I am). This paper discussed whether we should attempt to contact extra-terrestrial civilizations.



My learning in astronomy has related to learning in other studies by teaching me how to scientifically approach a problem. Using the scientific method of developing an idea, testing the idea, and revising when the idea does not work, I can more effectively approach projects and concepts in other classes than I would have before. Astronomy taught me how to think of phenomena: they can be seen as working from the ground up, and in order to understand the big picture, one must understand the details and how they work. And finally, since I do not plan to major in astronomy, the class allowed me to practice study methods and find what works for me, so that in higher level classes, I will perform better.