Marxist Economics


ECON 5080 — Marxist Economics

Ch. 14: Division of Labor Essay

The assignment that I’m including in my ePortfolio to represent this course is a group paper on Chapter 14 of Das Kapital, discussing the division of labor in society and in the production process. This was a group paper. Each member of the group chose to write on different sections of the chapter, and one member ensured that when the sections were combined, the paper flowed. That member also wrote the introduction and conclusion. The paper itself is mostly a summary of the contents of the chapter, but also includes thoughts and commentary on the content of the chapter.

I’d like to note that I do not consider myself a communist or a radical Marxist, and I personally believe that the capitalist economic system is the best economic system amongst the alternatives. I believe what this class did mostly for me was exercise my logical process and taught me how to probe an author’s ideas in depth. It taught me how to think about economic literature, in addition to teaching me about Marxist economics.

However, I do feel that Marx raised very profound points in Das Kapital about the capitalist economic system, and we would be wise to take them into consideration when thinking about capitalism. He points out the imperfections of the capitalist system that should not be ignored. I don’t doubt the points Marx made in Das Kapital. What I do question is the communist and socialist solutions to the problem.