Introducing Rank Data Analysis with Arkham Horror Data


Last week I analyzed player rankings of the Arkham Horror LCG classes. This week I explain what I did in the data analysis. As I mentioned, this is the first time that I attempted inference with rank data, and I discovered how rich the subject is. A lot of the tools for the analysis I had to write myself, so you now have the code I didn’t have access to when I started.

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Materials for Teaching Applied Statistics

Today is the first day of the new academic year at the University of Utah. This semester I am teaching MATH 3070: Applied Statistics I, the fourth time I’ve taught this course.

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Replication Intervals

At the University of Utah I’ve taught MATH 1070 and MATH 3070. Both are introductory statistics classes, but I call MATH 1070 “Introductory Statistics for People Who Don’t Like Math” while MATH 3070 is “Introductory Statistics for People Who Do Like Math”, since the latter requires calculus and uses far more probability. In both classes, though, students need to learn what confidence intervals (CIs) say and don’t say, and I spend a lot of time debunking common misconceptions for what a confidence interval says.

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