Applications of Statistical Learning with Python

Book cover

This video course, published with Packt Publishing, is an introductory course for data analysis with Python. This course discusses how to use Python for data science, emphasizing application. It starts with introducing natural language processing and computer vision. It ends with two case studies; in one, I train a classifier to detect spam e-mail, while in the other, I train a computer vision system to detect emotions in faces.

This course is the fourth and final volume in a four-volume series entitled, Taming Data with Python; Excelling as a Data Analyst. The first volume of the course, Unpacking NumPy and Pandas, discussed setting up a Python data analysis environment and introductory usage of NumPy and Pandas. The second volume, Data Acquisition and Manipulation with Python, showed how to perform more advanced data manipulation with Pandas and how to get data from the Internet. The third volume, Training Your Systems with Python Statistical Modelling, showed how to train machine learning models using Python tools. This volume concludes the course, using elements from the other three volumes to wrap up important concepts with some examples.

Packt Publishing has made some of the videos included in the course available on YouTube. You can watch these to get an idea of what’s in the course.

Read more and purchase the course at Packt Publishing’s website.