Beyond Univariate, Single-Sample Data with MCHT


I’ve spent the past few weeks writing about MCHT, my new package for Monte Carlo and bootstrap hypothesis testing. After discussing how to use MCHT safely, I discussed how to use it for maximized Monte Carlo (MMC) testing, then bootstrap testing. One may think I’ve said all I want to say about the package, but in truth, I’ve only barely passed the halfway point!

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High Dimensional Data, MSRI, and San Francisco in 2018; Reflections

Last fall my adviser alerted me to the MSRI workshop on high-dimensional data and suggested I may be interested. I applied and was accepted to participate. Thus, from July 9th to July 20th I stayed in San Francisco (for the first time in my life), living in the dorms of UC Berkeley and attending the workshop. I got to experience San Francisco’s legendary weather (escaping Salt Lake City’s triple-digit heat) while learning mathematics. I enjoyed the experience and wanted to share it.

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